2 months 1 day: Plenty of lunches dinners and daddy’s birthday

So the past week or so has been quite busy. Lots of eating and more to come!

Mummy and I made these cuff links for daddy’s birthday last week, and after that we went for afternoon brunch with Auntie Jenny and Uncle Cloud. I thought I’d get to meet Jonathan 哥哥 today too, but they didn’t bring him along… next time perhaps. Can you see me in this photo? I’m hiding under mummy’s swaddle cloth!

Last night we went to uncle Stephen and auntie Yoyo’s place for dinner, and I met Aidan 哥哥 for the first time!

Mummy and daddy are planning on taking me hiking again this morning before we have brunch with 契妈 later today.
Last photo! One daddy took of me and mummy when he woke up this morning. I guess this is what he wakes up to everyday. Daddy says he’s the luckiest guy in the world, but I don’t know what he’s going on about…. silly daddy.


1 month day 22: Lady Adelaide’s brunch, afternoon tea and Saturday sleep in!

Yesterday mum and dad took me out to have brunch and afternoon tea. Brunch was just a family affair, but was quite fun. We went to a place called “The Coffee Academics”, which served coffee in wine glasses amongst other things.

Hanging In Hongkers - 1
Hanging In Hongkers - 2

It was a bit noisy, but I had the most awesome sleep on mummy’s lap whilst she ate at the time. In the afternoon, we went with uncle Ian to check out the new iPhone which he “accidentally bought” at the apple store, then we went for some afternoon tea too!

So yesterday was heaps of fun, but then when we got home it was just past 9 and 奶奶 was a bit worried that I was tired from having too much fun during the day. Not sure why she gets worried as I do like going out with mum and dad. To be fair though, I did sleep in a bit this morning. I may look little from the outside, but I’m big on the inside! I take up the whole of mummy and daddy’s king size bed when I sleep, and No I’m not sharing!!!


1 month 16 days: Lydia 姐姐  visits, and updated pictures of brunch with Auntie Maria last week

Just a quick one. Mum’s fallen asleep and so Dad’s typing this one up himself. We had Lydia 姐姐 over today, and she brought us some yummy cupcakes from Agnes B! Daddy forgot to take photos and then ate them, so no photos of that, but there’s some with Lydia 姐姐 and mum!

Dad’s been busy travelling this past week, so didn’t have the chance to post this earlier, but last week, we also had brunch with auntie Maria, just before 大伯 had to head to the airport. Here’s a picture or two.

IMG_1700.jpg IMG_1705.jpg

That’s all for today! Time for daddy’s bedtime too. Good night!

1 month, 7 days: 大伯又来香港找我噜!











1 month, 7 days: Light at the end of the (sleeep deprivation) tunnel…?

It’s been a volatile 3 days.

As with all newborns Adelaide had limited capacity to take her milk (amongst other things)  resulting in her waking up during the evenings. The sleep loss From this has been greatly aided by my super fabulous parents who have let her spend the night with them whenever we just couldn’t cope anymore, but because they headed off to Malaysia  for a short trip, Greenie and I have been left to fend for ourselves for the past week or two.

The defacto routine over the past week or two that I can remember at least has been midnight sleep with at least a 3-5am wakeup (sometimes more) followed by some more sleep.

Tuesday: Midnight sleep. Adelaide only woke up once at 3.30am and by 4.15 she was already back in bed.

Wednesday: All hell broke loose. Pretty much no sleep during the whole evening – lost all faith that we were heading towards better days

Thursday: Hallelujah! This was the first time in (literally) living hoatory that Adelaide slept from midnight tikl 6am! She didn’t even cry for a feed this morning! We woke her up. Thereafter it was a calm change of the nappy with no tears, then onto mummy’s breast!

There is hope afterall… :)

1 month , 4 days: My evening exercise routine and daddy’s new fibre connection

Daddy got a new internet connection today. Finally we have fibre at home, which is a massive upgrade over the crappy 6M connection we previously had. Daddy can upload videos of me a blazing speeds now, so expect to see more videos of me going forward!

This is the first – a quick clip of me tonight and my evening exercise routine of stretching punching and kicking whilst randomly sticking my tongue out in between. Daddy says I’m really good at my exercise and could potentially become a street fighter character when I grow up with all my scratches, head butting and tongue-sticking out!

Adelaide exercise.mov

1 month, 2 days: Brunch with Auntie Bonnie and hat shopping

Today was the first full day without 爷爷 and 奶奶 staying with me. Mum had booked an appointment for brunch with auntie Bonnie and so dad and I tagged along. It was fun!

IMG_1543.jpg IMG_1547.jpg

Dad even brought me walkabout to go meet Auntie Angel at the bakery when the aircon at brunch started getting a bit too nippy for my liking.


In the morning I borrowed daddy’s hat, as I didn’t have my own yet, and daddy said it was too sunny for me not to wear one. Afterwards mummy and daddy took me hat shopping. We didn’t take any picture of that during the day, but I’ll post some up of my fancy new hats a bit later.

Day 31: I am one month old!

满月快乐!Today I am one month old! Mummy and daddy arranged a head shaving ceremony for me this morning, to help me grow fuller and thicker hair. Also my first hairs will be used to make a 毛笔!

The brush is supposed to be made of some special type of wood, which unfortunately is now extinct because all the Chinese cut it down it was so awesome. Apparently there’s only 30kg left of this wood in the world… (I don’t know if I’m actually proud of that, but I guess it is what it is).

We also have dinner celebration for my 满月 tonight which happens to coincide with 公公’s 60th birthday, so we called it his 60th birthday banquet instead. All my 姑婆 and stuff came. It was kinda fun. I drank a lot of milk. 公公 also gave me a big fat laisee with plenty of money in it, which dad put in to my new bank account.

Thank you 公公 and happy 60th 六十岁大寿,祝你龙马精神! Thank you for the liasee!