The mad baker…(s)?

So, Greenie has been crazily baking away. Ever since I blogged about her avocado brioche, she’s been baking every single night! After her initial success, she decided to go for pretzels as her second challenge!

We’ve discovered this wonderful site called The Fresh Loaf, which has all these wonderful recipes on it. She decided to go for this one.

Needless to say, her baking was once again a success:

After trying that recipe; she asked if I could taste the sugar the next day (not really). So last night, she made the recipe again – this time with half sugar. Still turned out awesome…


Though I love GT’s awesome baking, it’s kinda depressing that she’s making such lovely breads when all I’ve been making is boring sourdoughs, so tonight I’ve upped the ante on her! I’ve decided to make a Banana Pain au Levain! Sounds fancy doesn’t it!? It looks awesome too!!! I was soooo excited about this fancy-named bread, that I decided to look up Pain au Levain to see what it meant, and guess what? …it actually means sourdough bread. :((( so I was making ANOTHER sourdough. ahaaha… Anyway, I spent some time last night preparing the dough, and excitedly did a final proofing before baking it tonight. It’s in the oven as we blog!

What’s even more exciting is that on the way home, I was wondering how this Shiao-Ping person managed to get little rings of flour around her loaf, and so looked up some bread shaping techniques, and discovered How to make a Boule! Boule means ball in French so this bread is supposed to look like a ball. I was so excited that there was a new technique for me to try – afterall after learning the stretch and fold technique, I thought that all I really had to do was kinda slap the dough into shape and it’d come out OK. I read the technique carefully, and even discovered that Peter Reinhart had a youtube on it, which I watched a few times before daring to attempt the technique too! I will update this blog to show the end result a bit later once it’s out of the oven! :p

Oh, and with those rings around the bread, I discovered that they came about from her using a proofing basket. No wonder why her bread looked all symmetrical and had cool rings around it – she cheated!

…I better score myself a proofing basket from somewhere. ;p

…OOH! the bread is just done just as I finished writing – check it out:


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