1 month, 7 days: Light at the end of the (sleeep deprivation) tunnel…?

It’s been a volatile 3 days.

As with all newborns Adelaide had limited capacity to take her milk (amongst other things)  resulting in her waking up during the evenings. The sleep loss From this has been greatly aided by my super fabulous parents who have let her spend the night with them whenever we just couldn’t cope anymore, but because they headed off to Malaysia  for a short trip, Greenie and I have been left to fend for ourselves for the past week or two.

The defacto routine over the past week or two that I can remember at least has been midnight sleep with at least a 3-5am wakeup (sometimes more) followed by some more sleep.

Tuesday: Midnight sleep. Adelaide only woke up once at 3.30am and by 4.15 she was already back in bed.

Wednesday: All hell broke loose. Pretty much no sleep during the whole evening – lost all faith that we were heading towards better days

Thursday: Hallelujah! This was the first time in (literally) living hoatory that Adelaide slept from midnight tikl 6am! She didn’t even cry for a feed this morning! We woke her up. Thereafter it was a calm change of the nappy with no tears, then onto mummy’s breast!

There is hope afterall…

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