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All about Adelaide Sim!

Adelaide’s first word

From when Adelaide was born, we speak Cantonese, English and Mandarin to her amongst different family members. Ever since, we all wondered what language would she say her first word in. She did say dada, baba and mama every now and then but I think they are more international baby babbles so I disregarded them as her first word.

And yesterday, she finally uttered her first word! It was in….. Mandarin! She said 嘎..嘎嘎 which means quack quack in Mandarin (or could be she is trying to hint she wants to listen to some Lady Gaga!). But if my presumption is correct, she learnt the word from the Chicken and Duck song that Ms Jessie sings at the playgroup. She has been saying 嘎..嘎嘎 a lot today!

Waltzing M’Adelaide

Uncle Heng comes over for dinner every Monday night. We have a good meal, and then watch some TV together. It’s something wonderful to look forward to on Monday’s and helps beat Monday-itis.

Adelaide also gets to spend more time with Heng…

Recently we’ve switched Adelaide’s sleeping time from 7pm till 8pm. It lets us have a bit more sleep in the morning, but also lets me spend some more time with her in the evenings. An unexpected bonus from this is that she also gets to spend more time with uncle Heng on Monday nights.

This evening uncle Heng took Adelaide for a quick spin on the dance floor, and read her a bedtime story before we put her to bed this evening. She absolutely loved it!

Thanks Uncle Heng!


Sunday daddy hike with a splash of an afternoon playdate

So another activity packed day for the Sims. This morning, Adelaide and I got up early to go for a daddy’s only hike up to the peak. The weather was nice and the early start made for cooler weather. All in all there were four of us daddy’s today, but in the future, perhaps more…?

In the afternoon, Kate and Lawrence came over for a play date. During the date Adelaide and Lawrence got up to plenty together. Lawrence kindly shared his puff snacks with his little friend:

Also, they played in the play pen, and red books together, watched 70s Sesame Street on the iPad and after a late lunch, we all went to the park and played around a bit. The park was for ages 2-5, but we secretly let Adelaide and Lawrence do some “underage playing”. :p

All in all a very eventful but fun day.

KennedyTownSwimmingPool - Crop

Adelaide loves the water now!

On Tuesday it was a holiday of the day after mid-autumn festival. After looking at the perfect weather out from our window when we got up, we decided it is a day for swimming. Since is a public holiday, we were a bit worried the pool will be extremely crowded. So we make our way there as soon as we finished breakfast, hopefully we could beat most of the crowd.

Before leaving the house, Wei put a thick layer of sunscreen on Adelaide and reminded me to do so as well. He said he will show me a very convincing video on the way to the pool. He is right! After watching the video, I would never be too lazy to put sunscreen on again. This is the video:

It was almost 10am when we get to the pool, as expected there were quite a number of people already but luckily it wasn’t jam-packed either :) Yay!

Adelaide sleepingDespite baby leisure pool was closed for maintenance and we could only stayed in the standard pool for the whole time, Adelaide had so much fun! She cannot wait to dive into the water every time we put her on the pool ledge. That’s a long way she go from the first time she cried all the way from when we changed her into swimsuit till we changed her back again and leave the pool. After the swim, she pass out as soon as we got on the tram.


We take this opportunity to go shopping  and get my sushi fix. When went pass the supermarket and see those small blue mussels that was out for the longest time, we decided we must get them and make some paella! The paella turned out very well along with the professionally monitored sous vide steak. Thank you chef Wei for the lovely dinner!

This is the dish we immediately think of making when we see those beautiful blue mussels.
This is the dish we immediately think of making when we see those beautiful blue mussels.
The steaks were first sous vide then seared both sides on a pan.
The steaks were first sous vide then seared both sides on a pan.

(Daddy Wei cooked everything while Adelaide and I were out for mandarin class.)

To sum up, we had an activity filled wonderful and yummy day and don’t forget to put on sunscreen!


Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration!

So today is Mid-Autumn Festival, Daddy Wei spontaneously decided to take a day off to enjoy the full experience of this festival with us! Adelaide and I were both very excited that daddy get to join Adelaide’s new playgroup class for the first time. There were special actives on top of the regular class routine today. Adelaide made her first lantern with daddy, we took group pictures and during snack time we even shared some biscuits made with whole grain and cereal with rest of the class. They all loved it!

Daddy & A at TT

After class, we went to one of our favorite cafe, Hazel & Hershey for a coffee and enjoy our last packet of healthy yet tasty biscuits with it. Wei got at cold brew bottled like a beer and I had a flat white and started writing this blog while Adelaide had fun cruising around.

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Just when I wrote up to this point, I spotted a very eye catching teal pour over kettle, wondering if I should acquire it to our kitchen collection but Whoo it cost way over I am willing to pay so I ended up taking pictures of the kettle and add into my album collection instead!

Actives didn’t end from there, after having lunch, we went for an afternoon swim at Thomas and Maria’s place, then we had dinner with mom, dad and por por. To match with the theme, mom specially prepared 盤菜 for dinner and of coz we have to eat some mooncakes!


Dinner with Margarita, Yang & Heng

Saturday swim, sand and (de)’ssert

Saturday was another activity packed weekend day. In the morning, we went to Thomas and Maria’s for a swim, and in the afternoon we went to Deep Water Bay to participate in a lantern festival, where Adelaide and I took a nap on the beach before eventually heading home.

That night, we also went out for dinner with Margarita, Yang, and Heng, as Margarita and Yang were in town for a short trip. We did hotpot, dessert then karaoke! This is a picture of the dessert place we went to. Had like four different flavours of 雪花冰 and some other desserts too. So full by the end of the night!

Dinner with Margarita, Yang & Heng

Dreaming of decorations high in the sky

So Greenie has been very proactive in sprucing up Adelaide’s room, and has added some new additions and decorations including a little book library as well as some beautiful decals on the wall. We did this a few weekends ago, but just took the pictures out of the camera. This is Greenie putting up some hot air balloons in Adelaide’s room, and Adelaide helping out.

Room decorating

Happy mid-autumn festival everyone!